Blue Pants Brewery claimed a bronze award in the 2016 World Beer Cup, a global beer competition that evaluates beers from around the world and recognizes the most outstanding brewers and their beers.

Gold, silver and bronze awards in the competition’s 96 beer-style categories were presented May 6, 2016 during the World Beer Cup award ceremony at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Blue Pants Brewery was awarded a bronze award in the Historical beer style category for its Dortmunder Adambier. a dark-amber-colored, smoky, complex beer. This is the same beer that won a silver medal in the Great American Brew Festival. Blue Pants Brewery is a 7,500 bbl microbrewery located in Madison, AL that specializes in creating unique, unreasonably good beer.

“As the owner, it makes me really proud to see all our emphasis on brewing the best beer possible pay off and so quickly. I’m proud of Weedy and the whole brew team and ecstatic that they can bring awesome beer ideas to the table like this one. I remember Weedy texting the idea to me while he was in Germany and I’ve learned when Weedy is passionate about an idea, just get out of the way and try to make sure he can bring it to fruition,” said Michael Spratley, Owner at Blue Pants Brewery.

“There’s definitely some gained credibility,” Weidenthal says. “The craft beer scene has been growing so much in Alabama it’s kind of nice to bring some validity to all of Alabama craft brewing,” said Weedy, Head Brewer at Blue Pants Brewery.

World Beer Cup winners were selected by an international panel of 253 beer judges from 31 countries. Regarded as the “Olympics of Beer Competition,” the World Beer Cup saw an impressive field of 6,596 entries from 1,907 breweries in 55 countries.

Presented by the Brewers Association, the World Beer Cup has been held every other year since 1996, to celebrate the art and science of brewing by recognizing outstanding achievement. For more additional information, visit the World Beer Cup website.

Blue Pants Brewery is where the magic happens. Our brewers started out as home brewers, playing with ingredients, and learning which tastes we love. We use our skills and creativity to create unique, or just exemplary beers, that may not fit any particular style category but are always unreasonably good. Or really as we say in the brewery, we make unreasonably good wort and let the yeast do the rest.