Since our last post, June 1st has passed and we are now able to sell beer to-go! Wahoo! But wait, there is more! Starting July 1st, we will be able to directly sell to our customers up to 750 milliliters of our spirits per person per day for off-premises consumption. So in July, you will  be able to buy up to 288 oz of our unreasonably good beer and up to 750 milliliters of our spirits, all TO-GO! That’s so exciting!

Now let’s get to the main part of this post, our distiller, Geoff! Geoff has been with Blue Pants since August 2015.

(Amanda): Where are you from?
(Geoff): Born and raised in Huntsville.

(Amanda): What all does your job include?
(Geoff): Production and Tracking of Liquors and Liqueurs. I produce rum, gin, vodka, and whiskeys; as well as, the various mixers and liqueurs. I also make sure the taproom stays stocked up (to the best of my abilities).

(Amanda): What’s your favorite part of your job?
(Geoff): Creating and tweaking the drinks for the taproom. Experimenting, more or less.

(Amanda): How did you first get interested in distilling?
(Geoff): While an undergrad at UAH, I found out that chemical engineering degrees can be applicable to brewing and distilling, so around my junior year I began searching out openings at local breweries.

(Amanda): So how did you get started working for Blue Pants?
(Geoff): Saw Weedy posted the opening on Facebook and couldn’t pass it up. Started out on the production line and moved into distilling about a month or so later.

(Amanda): What other hobbies do you have?
(Geoff): Mainly music. I host an open mic and play as often as possible. I’ve been drumming for around 10 years now, and have been involved with music for about 15. Also big into watching documentaries, playing and watching sports, and nerding out on Xbox.

(Amanda): What’s your current favorite Blue Pants beer and cocktail?
(Geoff): Beer: Tie between Brett IPA and Weedys Double IPA.
Cocktail: Bourbon Lemon Drop.

(Amanda): What’s one of your favorite beer or cocktails besides Blue Pants?
(Geoff): Stella Artois or Maker’s Mark on the rocks.

(Amanda): So any thoughts or comments about the beer retail sales and what’s to come July 1st?
(Geoff): Since the liquor laws are weird in Alabama, the 1st will be a big step. We will begin selling gin, which people can buy one bottle of per day. Originally the law said one bottle per year, but was rewritten. Thus, the later date, as opposed to being in the same day as the beer retail law. As we get labels approved for retail, more options will become available (vodka and rum mainly).

So next time you’re in the taproom, be sure to be on the look out for our distiller, Geoff!