In case you haven’t already heard, starting Wednesday June 1st, we are starting RETAIL SALES here at Blue Pants! This means that we can start selling our beer for off-premises consumption. We have started making some changes in the taproom so we are better prepared for this new opportunity! Some construction to the bar has been done with a chainsaw (this MAY or MAY NOT have involved a chainsaw) and we have installed a crowler machine and have gotten in some really awesome crowlers and growlers. We have also made some room for a nice size retail cooler so we can provide YOU with great options to TAKE HOME with you! Wahoo!


So, let’s talk facts about this bill. On March 24th, 2016 Gov. Robert Bentley signed HB 176. This bill may also be known as “Beer To-Go Bill” or the “Growler Bill”. This bill will allow a licensed brewery manufacturing less than 60,000 bbls per year (that’s us) to sell at retail up to 288 ounces of its beer per day to a customer (that’s you) for off-premises consumption. This bill will also allow us to DELIVER up to two kegs of its beer to a LICENSED CHARITABLE EVENT. There are other parts of the bill like, we have to seal, package, and label our beers in accordance to current rules. But, of course we would already do that anyway.

This bill is going to open a lot of doors for all of us here at Blue Pants Brewery and we could not be more excited. We hope you’re just as excited as we are and that you’ll be walking through these open doors with us!